Bacci Tessuti Shop was founded in 1945 immediately after World War II in the heart of Florence (Central Market Square) and in a short time it became a point of reference for lovers both of Florentine and other types of fabrics.

The shop was originally managed exclusively by the Bacci family but soon the growing number of customers required the family to hire 20 other employees in the 1970's and 1980's.

The professionalism of the staff and the wide range of fabrics available has increased over time, as has the number of clients from outside of Florence who are sure to find high quality products at a great price.

In fact this shop has always offered the highest quality of fabrics without forcing the customer to pay inflated costs. This is thanks to the relationship we have built with our suppliers over the years, who are almost all from the North of Italy, and who continue to offer quality products at competitive prices.

In 1980 the shop was moved to Via dell'Ariento (it's current location) and because of the greater space available, a bigger warehouse was created so that the customer could now find summer fabrics during winter and vice-versa.

Come look through our catalogue which includes all types of fabrics: linings, bed linens, upholstery, cotton for clothing, linens, velvet, silk, wool, cashmere, paletot and Alpaca. A rainbow of colours and patterns are waiting for you as you walk through our hall of fabrics.

Come, check us out and sew with us!